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High energy, shameless dancing, foot-stomping Rock'n'Roll! Dedicated to all the freaks, queers, strange birds, rule breakers and all who dare to be different.


released December 15, 2013

Produced by Dave Cobb
Engineered by Mark Petaccia
Mastered by Pete Lyman
All songs written and performed by KINGS OF SPADE.
Kasi Nunes - Vocals
Jesse Savio - Guitar
Matt Kato - Drums
Tim Corker - Bass
Track 3 "Bottoms Up" includes scratch artistry by DJ PACKO and cowbell by Mathew Hunter.
Track 4 "Sweet" includes Brian Phillips as a writer.
Album Artwork by Dogtowne Design



all rights reserved


KINGS OF SPADE Honolulu, Hawaii

Shameless dancing, foot-stomping, high-energy ROCK'n'ROLL from Hawaii. Kings of Spade is fronted by a mohawked, transgendered, blues-siren vocalist influenced by Janis Joplin. They just finished recording their 2nd studio album in Nashville with producer Dave Cobb (Rival Sons) with a February 14 2014 release.  Multi-city tour dates are set for March. Kings opened for Bon Jovi, Deftones, Mutemath ... more

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Track Name: This Child
just like that little neighborhood rat
in a gang all up to no good
daddy said dont play with fire
and i lied i understood
words like that to a curious cat
well it simmered on my mind for days
seconds passed when i lit the match
and the house went up in flames

yes you buy me dresses
but i play with guns
swing for the fences
aint gonna tame this child

i was a lean little serious teen
when Eugene cornered me in the hall
calling me out up in front of a crowd
his fat fingers in my face and all
well i was scared steep and afraid to speak
with my knees all weak in the joint
til i pushed back bent his fingers back
til it snapped and i made my point
Track Name: San Antone
back to the wild im on a tear
its been a while since she left me there
i hit the bottle until one of us falls to the floor
im on my knees i phone her line
i left a message for the last damn time
and im jonesing for a fix
like a kid in the candy store

if you just leave me alone
got a one-way ticket
on a train back to San Antone
and it wont stop baby
no it wont stop til we get home
got a one-way ticket
one way to San Antone

chip on my shoulders i walk the line
my friends say that shes doin fine and i
i find solace in 5 shots of Crown at the bar
J says its greener the other side
when pretty pretty girls give a bumpy ride
you keep your head up bro and
try to hide your battle scars
Track Name: Bottoms Up
i got a mug full of Jager livin on a prayer
chemicals in the mix
i got a car broke down on the wrong side of town
and im trying to light a cigarette
but the lighter wont spark its raining too hard
my friends are nowhere to be found
aint never been wetter its about to get better
when this mug full of Jager goes down

come on everybody get your body on the floor
its been creepin to the weekend
take a load off Annie
order up a double get your mind out of the gutter
bust a move like you be trouble
and keep on dancing

come on dawg bottoms up

got a spill on your white dress hair like a hot mess
shuffle down the walk of shame
your mascaras all smeared your heads not clear
trying to remember his name
the lord gets cursed everything in your purse
scattered all over the ground
wild night bender better choose better
than a mug full of Jager goin down

these walls they started spinnin babe
i feel it taking hold of me
Track Name: Sweet
sweet like heaven what it is to me
sweet like all possibility
yeah you got me on my knees
with your sweet sweet sweet

im hardened like a criminal
my hearts a heavy stone
but you melt me like a caramel
in the sun
sweet sweet sweet

said tonight our red light mix is on
Lilac Wine and Nina Simone
we let our candles burn to our
sweet sweet sweet

im capable of many things
what pleasures you my queen
show you what you mean babe
Track Name: Lost
baby your love for me turns like the seasons
im still not privy to which part is real
got all my letters to prove im not dreamin
best to forget them but you know the drill

she reminds me of you
and this war ive been through
i was lost take me back summer
i was hands in my pockets singing songs in the rain
wishing you'd come back come back to me darlin
i watched many moons pass but you never came

my skull is thick girl but i learned my lessons
the one with the ring is the one you cant steal
time has a way of laying down our demons
best to forget them but you know the drill
Track Name: Take Me
bait me on ecstasy before you cast your net
roll me in knots and smoke me like a cigarette
i gamble everything the second your lips said
place your bets now
that scent of lavender was bound to suffocate
your picture hides in every pattern of mosaic
you stalk my poetry each time i turn the page
theres your face

and when i wake its tryin to take me take me
lord my mistake its gonna break me break me
and im a long way from home
im such a long way from home

now all you promised runs like poison through my veins
you up your antics every time you play your game
i contemplate on messy ways to make this pain go away
chase my abandon down with Kettle One and wine
dont give a damn cause only you could tell im lying
love to move on but sadder songs
are what become of my rhyme

don't turn your back on me walk out the door
your patience is waining its starting to show
theres just one thing that i want you to know
ill never forget and i wont let go
blueprint our troubles on your memory
your cup is half full but your too blind to see
all the beauty of chasing a dream
is all that has ever been worthwhile to me
say we cant make it right
tell me i aint been the love of your life
that my faith has lost this fight
babe im not ready to say my goodbye
Track Name: Way She Goes
we had a funny start we from two worlds apart
i got your first name wrong played off like it belong
friends say your wicked smart an empathetic heart
im laying on the charm and wonderin how you respond

you keep me wanting much more
but thats the way she goes
oh oh oh oh thats the way she goes

by now you should be jaded pissed off with time you wasted
lied to an understatement ticked off with guys you dated
i feel you im frustrated whys it so complicated
this silly game you hate it being singles over rated

wouldnt it be nice if i left a note to meet on our bench
and i showed up with white roses green fern baby breath
we touch palms let our energies connect a bit
laugh and reminisce about the day we met
i tend to play this scenario all day in my head
with open eyes on my surprise im still laying in bed
your white roses tribal gear breaded cauliflower
i miss her tell her toss that for an hour
marsh pen manifesto my dreams to pursue
these are the things that remind me of you
Track Name: Ronda Rousey
im from the rough side of the track
its time you recognize the alpha in your pack
got my hustle on hard come too damn far
to have you send me back
i hope you heard the things i said
im good at finding ways of getting in your head
and your eyes are peeled to my knock out reel
playing over again

now youre here cross my corner and i warned ya
and im giving you the fight of my life
no escape from what your feelin
i got an itch to get inside
come on lets get it on
come on lets get it on
come on lets get in on
no runnin there aint nowhere to hide

i roll with shit talking fools my mama prayed
i wouldnt end up like my crew
she would find me settling rivalries
in abandoned buildings after school
i got a one track mind youve had a target
on your back for quite some time
cant have enemies shaking me breaking me
take from me whats already mine
Track Name: Strange Bird
this is a ballad for the ones who feel it tragic
to be carbon copies of your neighbor
you got a swagger like nobodies opinion matters
rock your battered like a badge of honor

strange bird how many colors in your hair
how many people love to stare
strange bird here comes another another
keep rockin to the beat of my own drum

rockin to the beat of my own drum

i live between the lines i found a mini paradise
a comfort lies within my skin
it comes as no surprise when your told
that your kind is what they wont let in
Track Name: Mess of Me
hook line and sinker there aint a tale to tall
we made a pretty picture but behind the walls
you made a mess of me
left me singing my sad songs

youre a great pretender
youre frozen water in stone
weigh on my mind babe
toss my bitter bones
you made a mess of me
left me fending for my own

mess of me
you made a mess of me
dont fall too far from the hands that feed
make sure your faith is worth its
weight in gold
cause what you promised me
what you promised me
aint even worth them lies you told